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Matteo Braghetta Wedding Photographer | How we did it

Our team was honored to work hand-in-hand with Matteo Braghetta, a maestro in the realm of wedding photography, to translate his artistic vision into the digital sphere. From our first interaction, we endeavored to deeply understand Matteo’s distinct approach to capturing weddings authentically and naturally. Drawing inspiration from his reportage style, which emphasizes spontaneous, candid moments, we set forth to create a website that is a true reflection of his craft.

When designing Matteo’s website, we approached the task with the same discretion and finesse he employs while capturing the essence of a wedding. Making use of the latest web development tools, we curated a user-centric interface that not only showcases his captivating photo collections but also conveys the ethos behind every click of his camera.

We integrated a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS), enabling Matteo to seamlessly update his portfolio, ensuring that visitors always have access to his most recent masterpieces. The website’s design prioritizes intuitiveness, allowing prospective couples to journey through his works effortlessly, feeling the emotions and stories behind each image.

Ensuring the website is responsive was a key focus; whether one views it on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, the visual and navigational experience remains impeccable. Recognizing the personal and intimate nature of wedding photographs, we made sure that security was paramount, guaranteeing that all user interactions remain private and protected.

Our mission was to mirror the genuine, unscripted emotions that Matteo captures in his photography through the website’s design and user experience. We take immense pride in being a part of his digital journey. Delve in and experience the magic of Matteo Braghetta – where every picture narrates a story of love, untouched and unscripted.


Our team of web developers deeply resonated with Matteo Braghetta’s philosophy – capturing weddings in their purest, most authentic form, and telling stories through spontaneous, unscripted moments. Recognizing his discreet yet omnipresent approach during a couple’s special day, we strived to ensure that every visitor, irrespective of the device they use, experiences the same raw emotions and narratives Matteo captures through his lens.

To achieve this, we meticulously tailored a bespoke web design that offers a flawless browsing experience across all platforms. Whether users are viewing from mobile phones, tablets, or desktops, Matteo’s website adapts gracefully, preserving its sophisticated aesthetic and user-friendly design.

To bring this vision to life, our design strategy prioritized fluidity and user engagement. By integrating expansive image tiles and intuitive swipe-able galleries, we’ve granted users a vivid window into Matteo’s artistry. As visitors immerse themselves in his portfolio of genuine wedding moments, they’re transported into the heartfelt emotions and stories, experiencing the authenticity Matteo Braghetta is celebrated for in each of his captures.